Add to Your Collection of Comic Books

Explore our comic books for sale in Kalamazoo, MI

Are you searching for a certain issue of X-Men? Or maybe you’re trying to collect every album from The Beatles? At Arc Shoppes, we have just what you need. We have a wide variety of books, records and comic books for sale at our thrift store in Kalamazoo, MI. We sell gently used collectibles from all decades, genres and regions. You’ll get to shop between several different vendors to source the unique item you’re looking for.

From Marvel to DC and everything in between, our thrift store just about has it all. Stop by our shop today to check out the collectible figurines we have on the shelves.

What type of collectibles do we sell?

One of the best ways to show you’re a true fan is by collecting character figurines or toys. You can find all that and more at Arc Shoppes. Just a few of the collectible figurines we sell include:

Marvel toys

Vintage toys

Kellogg cups


Baseball cards

Basketball cards

Disney stuffed animals

Looking for comic books for sale? Look no further than Arc Shoppes. Visit us today to see what we have in store.